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Chloe, 18, second year psychology student at the University of Ottawa. This blog will detail my experiences throughout my freshman year, as well as offer advice to any current/potential GeeGees!

Anonymous asked: a friend told me that your french immersion scholarship online gets renewed if you're eligible for osap?

What? It gets renewed every year you’re registered in Immersion

Packing packing packing! Getting excited to head back to uOttawa for round 2!

Packing packing packing! Getting excited to head back to uOttawa for round 2!

Anonymous asked: so I got accepted late and I'm trying to register for classes now (I'm majoring in anthropology in French) but a lot of my mandatory ones are full, what should I do?

Ooooohhhhh :( Contact Social Sciences or InfoWeb. They can help you squeeze into some of your mandatory classes (I can’t guarentee how many) but try and do it ASAP! You can also sign up for alerts to be emailed to you on Rabaska whenever a spot opens up!!!

Anonymous asked: I just received my e-bill on uoZone. I was just wondering if the meal plans were part of the bill. If not, do you know what exactly the bill consists of apart from tuition, incidentals and housing?

If you click the little plus sign in front of the total, it will list every little cost - from Registratiom Fees to SFUO finding to Insurance (which you can opt out of!) to uPass!

Anonymous asked: I'm starting to have doubts about going to uOttawa :( I'm from Toronto and I love it here but I wanted the experience of living on my own. uOttawa has French which is my main priority and I know I'm overthinking it but I can't help but feel like I'm making the wrong decision. Did you ever go through any sort of doubts? Even if you didn't, can you offer any advice? Also I know its probably too early to start thinking about its but do you know anything about transferring unis/anyone who did it?

Wow ok this question has been in my ask forever, I am so so sorry I thought I answered this already.

Yes, I had doubts. I had doubts when my friends were putting up pics from their frosh weeks and I still hadn’t settled in. I was scared of getting lost, I felt disoriented in the city, and I felt alone. But if/when you feel like this, remember that it gets better. Classes start, you meet people, you go to one or two events and find out passions for subjects you didn’t even know existed before this year!

French was a big priority for me, and lemme tell you - you are in the right place. uottawa is BIlingual! How cool is that?!? You can write your assignments in either language! (Unless you’re in a French/English language class obvi)
My French improved sooo much over the year, and I’m still learning! But I know I made the right choice in coming here. I hope you feel the same after your time here :)


Hey guys :)
First I want to say I’m sorry if my answers have been short and slow, I have been juggling my jobs as well as packing for uni so I haven’t had any time to blog!

I PROMISE that video - 20 things I wish I knew in first year - will be up as soon as humanly possible :)

Second - ahhhhhh it’s move in time for a lot of my followers!!!! Guys I’m sooooo happy for all of you!!!! You’re gonna have the time of your lives here. I promise. And when things get rough, I’m here for you to help you in the right direction.

Thanks to all of you for making this blog so popular, I have hundreds of followers and thousands of views on my videos - it’s crazy! Remember to share my URL with any friends/roomates/classmates who have questions to ask and don’t know where to go. I’m here for y’all!

Love Chloe :)

Anonymous asked: I'm in room 16 on floor 4 for all of you guys who have nothing to do! Come introduce yourselfs to my roommate and I!

^ ^ ^

Anonymous asked: hey chloe! i moved into 90u on the 28th and i finished unpacking so late that i just went to sleep without meeting anyone on my floor, now that my stuff is unpacked and my parents are gone i was wondering are there parties in res before frosh officially starts? i'm on the 2nd floor and its pretty dead since i moved in so early and i wanna do something but no one's even here yet

Just you wait, you’re one of the earliest hahahaha but in a couple days you’ll be thinking “what is silence??????? Haven’t heard it in a while”

Anonymous asked: Does the university monitor what you do online?

Yes, and also your calls and texts!

(Sarcasm btw, no way José you’re good!)

Anonymous asked: How do I buy tickets to the football home opener? Can I buy tickets at the door? Because I heard you have to get them at the sports complex Help

Ok yeah you just have to go to the sports complex, it’s the big gym near Site! Go to the front desk, you can buy tickets there.

If I’m not mistaken you might also be able to buy them at the desk in the other gym in Monpetit. I know you can buy tickets to other sports events there

Kudos to you in going to the home opener! :) have a blast!!!

Anonymous asked: Not sure if you'll see this quick enough but I'm moving into 90u tomorrow (friday!!!) any last minute advice? do you think there will be any parties on friday night or should i just expect a night in with my roomie? so nervous but super excited!!

Hmmm… Last minute advice?
- unpack right away (or else you never will haha)
- don’t spread out your stuff until your roomate gets there. Take half the shelves, half the drawers, etc. but leave your roomate enough room for all her things too!
-leave your door open and play music while you unpack. People will come introduce themselves :)

As for parties..I’m pretty sure i talked about it in one of my videos, but there may be parties tonight. (There was for me…hahaa I threw it!!) if not, consider throwing one! Or baking cupcakes and blasting some tunes. People are bound to stop by :)

Anonymous asked: Everyone says to join clubs to get involved, but how do we do that? Is there a club fair? Do you just show up to meetings? :S thanks!!

Yep there is a club fair, as well as a website that lists all of the clubs offered at uottawa and the contact info for each one! :)

Anonymous asked: So congrats on your job, I'm not on campus but I'm sure you will do a stellar job! I didn't really want to sign up for 101 week - i know lame! - but I was wondering if you were able to buy into events or what other things were going on that week? Also I'm registered in the school system as a second year, even though I'm in first - advanced standing stuff.

Thanks man! ❤️
Some events are open to all uOttawa students like Fedstock! But most 101 week events require a bracelet to attend :/ but there are other things going on that week too, like club fairs (where you can see all the clubs offered at uottawa and sign up), events at 1848 (the student bar), fundraisers (SHINE a DAY!) and BBQs!

Anonymous asked: Hi Chloe! I'm gonna be living off campus during my first year and I have to pay 20 extra dollars for the internet every month. I will share it with other 5 students but I think it's really expensive. Do you think I could get by using only the wifi on campus (for school, skype, whatsapp, facebook, etc)? Btw thank you so much for answering questions! As an international student I am freaking out!!

The wifi on campus is pretty good and it is all over campus, not just in buildings.
20$ per student, and there’s 5? That does seem kinda expensive…but …hmm it’s a tough call because you might wanna do research at home, but you could always do it in the library… And not having internet at home would save you from wasting time on Netflix like me.

It’s up to you, really. Maybe try it out for the first month and see how much you wanna be on campus, etc. and if you figure it’s not worth paying the 20 bucks, ask your roomates if you can opt out ?

Good luck!

Anonymous asked: hi :) I am an international student and I applied for housing after the deadline so I had to find a room in a house in Sandy Hill but I would really love to live on campus (mainly because I'm really shy and it would be a great way to meet people). I haven't paid a deposit for the room and I arrive in Ottawa until Saturday! I was told there are rooms still available on a first come, first serve basis. Do you think I should try and get one right when I get from the airport? Or am too late? :(

Ummm this is a tough situation. Could you try and pay the deposit online? Or perhaps call/email the landlord explaining your situation? Tell them you’re really interested in the room but because you’re not in the country you cannot pay a deposit until the 1st?

You don’t wanna end up without a place to sleep :o so I would highly recommend trying to find a way to pay the deposit before you arrive in order to assure you have a place to go