it's a gg life

Chloe, 19, second year psychology student at the University of Ottawa. This blog will detail my experiences throughout my freshman year, as well as offer advice to any current/potential GeeGees!

Anonymous asked: Are you allowed to pass/fail FLS classes? Or is it just regular classes that are in French?

You can pass fail those :)

Anonymous asked: i want my friend to come to the panda game with me but shes from concordia.. can she still buy a student ticket??

I don’t see why she wouldn’t be able to go to the might be easier if you buy 2 tickets at the same time and just get her to pay you back :) the RAUO office will be selling them tomorrow, we have limited tickets left though!

Anonymous asked: i had no idea school would be so hard this early... especially in french immersion. i seriously have no clue what's going on in my class. my prof is really tough and assigns tons of readings that i don't understand. i don't even know what to do. i'm trying so hard but i feel so lost and confused.

Hey anon..

I’m sorry you’re struggling right now :( But, believe me when I say that the first few weeks, the first semester even, is the hardest.

I know how you feel. You’ve never been at this level before; teachers are expecting more of you than ever before and you feel completely and utterly swamped with work. It’s like being in a tunnel of stress, and every time you see the light approaching, another assignment/reading/essay/midterm comes along. 

Anon, I want to first congratulate you on making it to university, and not only that, but studying in your second language! You are incredibly gifted, even if you don’t see it. Only a small percentage of the population would be able to make it where you are right now! 

Second, I want you to know that you have support. There are many resources available to students who feel like they need extra help. The Peer Help Center, Academic Writing Help Center, Counselling & Coaching Service, and Student Mentoring Service are all resources developped to assist students with their studies or mental health needs. Study groups for certain classes are also offered in residences. 

Third, I want to encourage you to take advantage of your professor’s office hours! They’re there for a reason! Do the readings as best as you can, take some notes, and bring these notes into the office hours. Profs won’t do your readings for you, of course, but if they see that you took initiative, they will gladly help you refine your notes and break down complicated concepts in order to help you improve your understanding of the readings. Also, try to find a study buddy in that class! Sometimes it helps to compare your notes with someone else’s; you might see something that you missed the first time that helps you understand everything so much better!

Lastly, if you’re feeling really overwhelmed and lost, and no amount of tutoring/extra help seems to be doign anything, you could always switch into an English class if you feel like that would be better. Nothing is worth risking your mental health. If you choose to do this, I really recommend doing it ASAP, as this week is the 3rd week of classes and you might fall really behind if you wait any longer to switch.

I hope you take advantage of one/more of the resources above, and I encourage you to look into other services offered by the university. I wish you luck, anon! Give me an update if you can :) 

Chloe :)

Anonymous asked: Which gym is better to go to? In terms of crowds, equipment etc...

The Minto gym is a little further but it is way bigger than the one in MNT . Don’t forget to sign up for machines, firstyears (myself included) tend to forget to do that and it’s annoying for those who have reserved the machine for a certain time. 

Anonymous asked: also where would i get stamps?

I believe the campus pharmacy sells stamps

Anonymous asked: Where are the post offices though ? Sorry if I'm annoying !

There should be post boxes around campus, I believe there is one in/near the pharmacy as well as beside the counter in the 90 entrance

Anonymous asked: Ok so my helper class teacher was like ya your french is really good and we won't be covering a lot of the content for your course in this helper class it will be more vocabulary and stuff, so like my question is should I drop it or will I still benefit from it?

If you only care about getting good grades, maybe stay in it because those classes are pretty easy A’s….but if you want to add a minor or improve your french, maybe take an FLS class? FLS 2741 was pretty easy for me. These count as French classes, you can still hide your mark if you want, but its a little more “work” and you’ll probably learn more in these kinds of classes

Anonymous asked: Hi there Chloe, I'm going to be in Thompson for Rez. What's the deal w bringing cooking stuff in Thompson? I live out west here so the less I hafta haul to Ottawa, the better. I'm fine w packing a few mugs and glasses and cutlery etc but with 20-30 students per floor do we really each need to bring a frying pan, a pot, a strainer etc? That's 20-30 pots, pans, etc. thanks very much for helping me with this.

Oops sorry, this message was buried and I forgot to reply before you moved in! 

What I would suggest - if you havent done this already - is organize a Facebook group of your floor and organize who has what. If 5 students have toasters/hot plates/whatever, maybe agree to trade or borrow each others things? There is also a communal kitchen available to residents that you can use if you’d like!

Anonymous asked: If the on campus job I want to apply to is with the Faculty of Social Sciences, do I have to be in that faculty?

I don’t think so… It might depend on the position too. Maybe email them and ask if it is a requirement? 

Anonymous asked: So is Laverne Cox really coming to the univeristy of ottawa? More info please.

That’s what they say, honestly I can’t find any information on it either. I think it is something being put together by the Women’s Resource Center so maybe ask them about it? It might still be in the works, but if it’s confirmed more info will become available to students

thisplaceiscrazy asked: Omg hi so I just met you and I honestly like got so excited sorry!! Hahahaha ya but I didn't even tell you my name, I'm Maggie and it was so cool meeting you and keep doing what you're doing girl <333 you r the best for real! Hope I see you around again :))))

<3 you’re a cutie

Anonymous asked: im like 99.486045867058% sure i spotted you on campus last week. i was in line somewhere (idk which one because i was in so many throughout the first week) but i would have totally said hi if i didn't want to lose my spot in line

youu probably did hahaha, thanks for thinking of saying hi but I totally understand wanting to save your spot! You’re a cutie :)

Anonymous asked: where can i send a letter ? is there a post office on campus?

There are postboxes located all around campus if you wanna send a letter, and there’s a post office in The Bay on Rideau if you wanna send anything bigger!


So many of you guys recognized me at the Ice Cream Social in Rez today! I’m so glad to meet some of you!! I’m glad to see you’re getting involved in Rez events! *tears of joy*

My babies are growing up :’)

Ps: to the girl who said the only reason she came to uOttawa was my vlogs…I want to hug you forever, you’re a beautiful soul