it's a gg life

Chloe, 18, second year psychology student at the University of Ottawa. This blog will detail my experiences throughout my freshman year, as well as offer advice to any current/potential GeeGees!

Anonymous asked: Hi : ), can we bring our own TVs for res (90u)? Also, do you recommend moving into res a day earlier than the usual date?

You can if you want, but it comes with a TV and plus there’s a good TV in the common room.. I just think it would take up a lot of space. Tbh I streamed most of my shows online :p

And as for moving in early, yes! I think it’s a great idea to beat the lines!

oplyse asked: do you have instagram? I would love to follow you

Yep! Follow me at Shankstahh hahaha

Anonymous asked: Hi Chloe, I'm having a hard time finding double bedding that isn't super expensive for 90u. I'm wondering if a twin XL set would fit?

Try Ikea! I got my duvet cover there for like 11.99 :p

Anonymous asked: hi chloe, so I got an email today from the french immersion people saying I was registered for one of my mandatory classes but not the helper class that goes with it. They said the helper class would be considered an elective and it's only 90 minutes per week. In my first semester I have 5 mandatory classes, so if I take it I'd be taking 6 courses, would that be hard? Also since it counts as an elective can I get rid of one of my electives in second semester? And only have 4 courses? THANK YOU


It is only once a week, this is true. But calculate the amount of class time you have. Do any of your other classes have labs? DGD’s? You want to try and limit your class time, because for each hour spent in class, you can expect double that in homework/readings/essays/assignments.

Personally, I would recommend 5 classes per semester. If you think you can handle 90 additional minutes of class time per week, add it on - these helper classes aren’t too difficult and you can always Pass/Fail the grade if you aren’t doing as well as you want. 

As for only having 4 courses per semester….It’s the same price for tuition whether you take 4, 5, or 6 classes. So why not take an elective and add a minor onto your degree? Or work ahead and take a 2nd year class? In the end it’s up to you, but that’s just my opinion.

Anonymous asked: I feel you might have answered this question already, but I couldn't find it. I applied for early arrival and residence sent me a confirmation email basically immediately. Does that mean I've got it? Or will they send me another email?

If they sent you a confirmation, I’m pretty sure that means you got it! You can call/email to re-confirm haha but I think you’re good :) Yay!

Anonymous asked: Are you in any clubs? I'm thinking of joining a few but idk how realistic that is. Do you know how often clubs meet? Or is it different for each one?

I’m in the PSA (Psychology students association!) and I am planning on joining the Dance Club! :)

I’d say stop by the clubs fair - in the first or second week of school, clubs at uOttawa all set up booths and offer information to students! Ask them if there is a sign up fee, when they meet + how often, etc. I would assume that it is different for each one, so I can’t give you an exact answer! Good luck! Joining clubs is a great way to get involved :)

Anonymous asked: LOL to the last answer

hehehe :*

Anonymous asked: Hey I'm taking the French helper classes (fls2581 or something like that) and I'm wondering if there's a lot of work associated with the class, if it's beneficial to take and the average class size for one of those classes

There are reading assignments and regular homework is assigned, but I found it beneficial because all of the work related back to the class (for example, if you’re taking the helper class for PHI 1501, the readings you do would relate to the readings you are doing in the actual philo class)

as for sizing, I would say 20-30 students? It’s fairly small, and you will definately have one-on-one time with the prof!

ch0colatesh0ulders asked: Hi yes I was wondering for frosh is it wet or dry because i want to party my bum off and you better do it with me

Because I’m a frosh guide I don’t think I can’t drink during frosh week! I need to be on top of my game in order to handle rascals like u

Anonymous asked: For anon: When you get the residence move in date e-mail/roommate assignment, at the bottom there's a link to apply for early arrival.


Anonymous asked: I'm so stressed out. I looked up all my professors on rate my prof and 4/5 of them have really bad ratings and comments. Am I screwed or is the website not always accurate?

Hmm..take the ratings with a grain of salt. Like I’ve said before, some people rate profs badly simply because they themselves didn’t like their method of teaching, but this doesn’t mean they are a bad prof. Different methods work for different people.

If you’re really nervous about it, look at the other classes that are offered and if you can switch into a different class with a “better” prof, try and do so. But you’re gonna have good ones and bad ones no matter what you do! Just do your best, and if you find yourself struggling , there are plenty of resources available to you!

Anonymous asked: Ever heard of the psych prof mark Dallas? Is he good or no!?

Yeah I’ve heard of him… Apparently he isn’t the bestttt psych prof. His lectures don’t seem to help and from what I hear, you do a lot of independant learning. But don’t worry too much about it; I’m sure if you find good study buds, or pop in on his office hours, it will help you out a lot if you need it!

Anonymous asked: I have a class in FSS and then on the Lee's campus. I would make it in time? Should I switch out of my Lee's class?

Lee’s is one bus stop away. I think if you go from FSS to the campus bus terminal and take any bus heading towards Lees, you would make it in time. If you are worried about it, and you can switch out, it might be a good idea. (But check both profs on rate-my-prof before you switch! It would suck if you switched out of an amazing profs class!)