it's a gg life

Chloe, 18, first year psychology student at the University of Ottawa. This blog will detail my experiences throughout my freshman year, as well as offer advice to any current/potential GeeGees!

I’m off to CUBA!

I’m not ignoring your questions guys, I’m just out of the country!
I’ll Be back soon enough :)
Love you all! Xx

Anonymous asked: For your rent, $575/month for both you and your roommate or $575 each?


Anonymous asked: is it easy to find a roommate to live with second year ?? because I'm coming from Toronto for my first year and don't know if I'll meet someone :S also is housing expensive after first year ??

Basically just find a friend or two who you’d feel comfortable living with. Ohhhh don’t worry about that, you will. 

Housing is about 500-600 a month, if you find a good place and grab it early. Prices rise later on because people are desperate for a place. My rent is 575$ a month, all included.

Anonymous asked: Ah congrats on being done school! Us youngsters still have another 2 ish months :( how does it feel being back home? Are you missing Ottawa yet?

Haha thanks! Right now it feels great! It’s tough adjusting back into the life of being a daughter, rather than an independant student haha but I’m loving being in my own bed. I miss my friends but I don’t miss the stress of exams!

Anonymous asked: Have you moved out already? How soon after exams do you have to leave?

I’m home! You can leave whenever you want, I think the last day you can stay in Rez is May 1st.

Anonymous asked: How did you find a place to live? Do places advertise near school or something?

Kijiji! uOttawa also has a housing board online, where they post availiable houses / apartments near the school.

Anonymous asked: is there a designated place that all second years go to ?? or do you have to go out and find yourself your own place ?

There’s no designated place; a lot of people move to Sandy Hill after first year (it’s kinda like the student ghetto) but yeah you have to find your own place and determine who you’re gonna live with. It’s scary but fun!

Anonymous asked: Where do you live second year of university ??

I have an apartment on Nelson street with my best friend Emily! It’s about 10 mins away from uOttawa, walking.

Anonymous asked: hey chloe! congrats on finishing your first year, girl! what are your plans for the summer? hope you have a great day :)

Awww :3 thanks cutie

Plans for the summer? Well, on Sunday, I leave for CUBA! <3

After that? Work my ass off haha I’m working about 50 hours a week this summer. I need to make as much money as possible in order to avoid working in the school year! Thanks for asking!

Thanks :)))) You too.

Anonymous asked: Are there any art clubs or classes people can take if they're not in arts? I'm talking visual arts, with the university or around the area. I'm going into sciences but want to stick with my hobbies haha like there are intramurals for sports, are there extra currics for arts? Is that a thing? :P

I know there are dance clubs, improv teams, photography clubs, and other artsy clubs - I’m not sure about Visual Arts but here is the club list for uOttawa. 

If there isn’t a club already in existence, and you can get a number of people to register, the University will provide you with funds to start a new club :)

Hope this helps, anon! Good luck!

princesssparklefuck asked: Hey Chole just a quick question- about when should I expect move in days? (Like, last week of August or first week of July-ish?) Planning holidays is becoming a hassle :P Thanks! xx

Ummmm let me check my gmail for dates -

April 26, 2013 - Got an email telling me who my roommate is.

June 20, 2013 - Got an email telling me the general move in dates for residences (90U was September 1st)

August 1st, 2013 - Got an email offering me an early move-in date (August 29th or 30th)

Hope this helps! BTW I applied to rez in early March. 

Anonymous asked: Time to dust off your Magic 8 ball. In a perfect world where will you be and what will you be doing in ten years, Chloe?

Oh jeez hahaha.

I don’t know what I will be doing exactly…but in 10 years I hope to be done my schooling and to have found a job that made me happy. I want to be helping people, I know that. Bonus if I get to use and practice my French at said job. 

As for location, I hope to have travelled a lot more than I have. I want to live in Canada for good, but I wouldn’t mind living abroad and teaching english for a couple years. We’ll see what life brings!

Anonymous asked: What do you think will be the top three things you miss the most and the top three things you will miss the least about being in second year and not first year @ UO in the fall?

3 things I will miss about first year:

1) Definitely living on residence. Not only did I meet people this way, but it was just so convenient to be 10 mins (max) from any of my classes.

2) Frosh weeeeeekkkk. It was such a great way to get to know my program, the campus, and other students. Hopefully I will be a guide though!

3) I’m gonna miss not having to stress so much about what I’m doing with my degree. First year was kind of a general year, getting to know my interests and focusing on what I liked to do. In the future, I’m gonna have to start planning what I want to do, if I want to do a Masters, etc. and I’m not looking forward to that stress.

3 things I won’t miss about first year:

1) The general classes. Essay writing. Philosophy. BLEH! I’m looking forward to the more specialized classes, like child development, that come with year 2 of university!

2) The stress of adjusting. First year is definitely the hardest, for many reasons. Being alone, away from home, is hard no matter how far you are. 

3) Feeling lost/disoriented all of the time. I still get lost sometimes around Ottawa but I remember when I was first starting out at UO, I had no idea how the bus system worked, had no idea how to get to my classes, and was lost generally 80% of the time. I’m not going to miss that! :p

Great question!

Anonymous asked: how did you decide on what electives you took this year? any regrets? ps thank you so much for this blog you're making me so excited to go to uottawa in the fall :))))

I didn’t really decide; being in the immersion program, I had to take 2 french classes per semester. Plus, it was required that I take 2 english, 2 psych, and 2 philo classes. So that left room for 1 elective - which ended up being French Grammar hahahahah 

No regrets! I kinda wish I had taken a third language course, like Spanish, but I plan on doing that next year instead :)

PS: You’re welcome cutie ;) BE EXCITED!