it's a gg life

Chloe, 18, second year psychology student at the University of Ottawa. This blog will detail my experiences throughout my freshman year, as well as offer advice to any current/potential GeeGees!

Anonymous asked: are you going to be a frosh leader this year? cause i'll be a freshman this year :)

Actually…no :( I know I have been posting over and over that I’m so excited to be a frosh guide but I don’t think it will be possible this year guys :(

I am scheduled to work until August 31. I thought that frosh week started when classes started - September 3 - so I didn’t think there was a problem…but there are activities that are happening before that date and I won’t be able to be there for we decided it was best if I just volunteered with the PSA whenever I could, but that I can’t really be an official “guide” this year :(

I’m sorry guys :(

Anonymous asked: Are we allowed electric stove tops/ hot plates in 90u?


Anonymous asked: for the anon who turns 18 during frosh week: a friend of mine turned 18 on the third day of frosh week and she got her bracelet changed with no problems! just talk to your guide at the start of the week and have some ID.


Anonymous asked: They got rid of the $500 flex dollar meal plan! What do you recommend we get now? No meal plan at all?

Whaaaat? That’s dumb. You can still put money into your flex account, so you don’t have to buy a meal plan if you don’t want to. I guess they’re trying to make it harder for people to figure that out :p

Anonymous asked: When you lived on res did you purchase a meal plan? I don't really know if it's worth it if I can just use my flex account to get food...

I just got 850$ in flex dollars. I didn’t need a meal plan, especially because my room had a kitchen

Anonymous asked: Do we have to pay for the upass every year or just in the first year tuition?

Every year

Anonymous asked: this is a personal question but how much stigma is there about hook ups at uottawa? i hooked up with a guy from my highschool at a graduation party and i thought it would be nbd since highschool was over but i got so much shit for it from people ughh... i like sex and i'm not gonna apologize for it but i don't wanna deal with weirdness and bullying from people for it

Meh there isn’t really a stigma here I don’t think. I mean, it depends on who you hang out with - different people will react differently of course - but for the most part hookups are accepted as a part of university life (for some people!)

On the flip coin I want to say that for my followers who are maybe more reserved, don’t worry about being judged for not having sex. University in general is a pretty open and welcoming place, and people aren’t nearly as judgemental as they were in HS. 

Anonymous asked: What do the parents do at the orientation? Do they really need to be there?

They dont have to be there, no. they get a tour of the campus too and extra info. Its helpful if they’re new to the area or if they aren’t sure how everything works at uOttawa, but they’re separate from you the whole time

Anonymous asked: What floors in rez are considered "crazy or for partying ?

it changes every year; the year before mine, Brooks was the crazy rez. This year, it was Stanton. Mostly the lower floors tend to be the ‘louder’ floors but that might change as well!

Anonymous asked: I don't know any French at all, but I want to learn! Is FLS1510 for beginners? Because I tried the practice test and I didn't understand anything...

I dont know which class course is the beginner beginner class but I am sure there is one offered at uOttawa! I think you should contact the french department or maybe and ask about beginner classes, because Im not really sure :( sorry!

Anonymous asked: hi, so I didn't pass the french immersion test the first time i took it, and when i called the testing office they said i was off by 2 marks. I'm taking it again soon and i'm really really nervous because one of my main reasons for choosing uottawa was the french aspect and if i don't pass this time well idk... is there any other way to improve one's french even if they're not in french immersion? it sucks more because my friends all passed...

Hey :( I’m sorry you didn’t pass the first time, but it will be easier this time. The test doesn’t change, so just focus on the areas you had problems with the first time around and study a bit before you take this one. Relax; you’ll be okay :)

If you dont pass again, there are french classes for beginners you can definitely take. If you struggle with french, immersion might not be for you because you have to take some of your actual classes in french (like philosophy, for example) and not just FLS classes. Let me know how it goes the 2nd time around!

Anonymous asked: Are there a lot of on campus jobs available ?

Yep!! Be sure to apply to as many as you can! It will be tough if you aren’t bilingual, but I highly recommend you try applying on uOzone !

Anonymous asked: What rez did you stay at ? & which one would you reccomend ?

I stayed in 90U and would recommend 90U if you can…but all of the residences have their own pros and cons to them! I am biased hahhaa because I had such a good experience in my rez, but I think everyone grows to like their residence and the people they meet in them!

Anonymous asked: If I'm ordering a textbook online, do you know how long they'll hold it in the bookstore?

No I dont :( Make sure you check your syllabus first though and check its the right textbook before you buy it!

Anonymous asked: Hey! I'm looking through your blog (since it really helps my first year jitters!) and I saw that you're going to the On the Run Tour! So cool! Let us know what it was like!!! (I'm seeing them in Seattle and I can't wait!)

I’m glad it helps!

and OMG ANON IT WAS AMAZING. Not just a concert, but a performance. It was so good. They both sang so well and involved the crowd a lot, it was awesome. Great night.